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Serving all of San Antonio – we are experts at removing raccoons and birds from attics, chimneys and walls in San Antonio, TX and surrounding suburbs.  No matter what your pest and critter removal needs are, we can help.

 Though rarely seen during the day, compared to squirrels and birds, raccoons are a constant nuisance for Austin area homeowners and one of the smartest animals when it comes to sneaking into your chimney, walls or attic unannounced.

 Wild animals like raccoons spread filth and disease – don’t let the problem become worse!  If you suspect you have a family of raccoons in your attic, or just hear strange moving noises around your home, call us today for a free quote and emergency services!  We can quickly diagnose the problem and provide permanent relief from raccoons, opossums and more.

 A very common problem with ways animals can enter a home are heat cracks. This occurs when the chimney can’t compress quick enough to accommodate high heat thermal expansion and results in breaks. When this occurs, the cracks on your chimney are much like cracks on a windshield- they start off small but will enlarge.

Many of the same control measures taken for mice also apply to rats.  Rats require larger openings to enter the house, but will readily gnaw their own to gain access.  Also, rats are good swimmers and thus can enter a house through a sewer system.  Rats have sharp teeth and can cause extensive damage to household items, walls, electrical wiring and plastic drain pipes.  Like mice, rats carry diseases and should be removed immediately.  Rats can be kept at bay by sealing entry points around the home and maintaining sanitary conditions in it.  Be sure to remove sources of food and water.