Free quotes on chimney repair and inspection in Austin & San Antonio

 If you suspect your chimney might be leaking water or is damaged after heavy storms or seasonal weather, please to do not wait to call us for repair.

 Our team of qualified inspection professionals can easily and quickly assess the problem and make sure your chimney is repaired.

 We offer same day service in many cases (this may change during peak seasons) and quotes and travel anywhere in and around San Antonio and Austin, TX.

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 Are you worried your chimney and fireplace might not be fire safe?

 If you have any reservations that your chimney might not be fire safe, it is always best to have an inspection done by one of our service technicians. We can give you a complete overview of the anatomy of the chimney, and firebox.

 This includes, but is not limited to making you aware of any and all fire hazards, water hazards, and efficiency issue that your fireplace and chimney might exhibit.

 Our goal is to help you have the most energy efficient, fire safe, water and wildlife proof chimney possible.  We strive to be thorough, give you a full explanation of why each repair is needed, and any possible solutions that may be done to get the chimney up and running with 100% efficiency and safety.

 Are you interested in having your chimney converted from gas to wood burning, or vice versa? If you are interested in having a chimney/fireplace converted from gas logs to wood burning, or vice versa just give us a call. We will come out as soon as we can. Give you a chimney inspection, give you an overview about your specific situation, and let you know what it is you would need in order to have everything converted over one way or the other.

 Do you need a new chimney built, or an existing one torn down? If you are interested in getting a quote to have a chimney built (either during a remodel or new construction) just set up an appointment, and we will get you a quote as soon as possible. If you are looking to have a company that takes the safest possible approach, while still offering you all of your options to fit your budget we are most definitely the company you are looking for. Giving you all the options, without risking safety is our goal when it comes to either rebuilding, or building a chimney. We also repair chimneys in Austin.


Common chimney terms:

 The Neck: The neck is the skinny part of the chimney that encases the flue liners.

 The Shoulder: The should is where the neck (the skinny part) meets the Lower section (the fat part).

 Chimney blocking:  Block makes the home safer.  Walls that are 9 feet or more must be fitted with “fire blocks” that prevent the rapid travel of flames in a wall cavity.  The blocks normally appear mid-height in the wall.  Fire blocking also strengthens a wall.  Some building departments require a fire block over each electric fixture.