A proper chimney cap serves many purposes in the safety and effectiveness of a chimney. A chimney cap prevents deterioration from water and protects your damper from rusting. It prevents animals such as birds or raccoons from living in your chimney and keeps debris from building up, which can turn into a fire hazard for your home if not addressed as soon as possible.

 All of our chimney caps are made from 24 gage colored- steel.  They are guaranteed not to rust and to keep animals and debris out.

 Our caps come with a lifetime warranty with the only exceptions being acts of God like tornados, hurricanes and tree growth.

 Chimney caps + photos from Chimney and Wildlife Specialists in San Antonio/Austin

 A chimney cap prevents water from entering your home’s flue. If water is able to get inside it can, over time, wash any mortar away and cause any metal to rust creating many safety issues and costing you more in repairs. The cap also prevents sparks from your fire from exiting the chimney and keeps critters from inviting themselves in your home without warning.

How to protect your chimney:  Slip a storm collar over the chimney and slide it down to cover the opening where the chimney passes through the flashing.  Tighten the collar’s screw clamp.  Then push a chimney cap onto the top of the chimney to keep rain, show and birds out.  Spread roofing cement around the top edge of the storm collar and the edges of the flashing.  If required locally, install spark arresting mesh around the chimney cap opening.

 The most common chimney cap is concrete, which should project 2 to 3 inches beyond the brickwork.  The surface of the cap should be given a slight downward slope so water will drain easily.