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Are there critters that you want trapped in your yard for the further safety of your pets/family?

There are many times that unwanted critters or wildlife will hang around your yard for whatever reason. If you are having any issues with these animals at all, we offer a trapping service, and can help you with all types of animal removal, and can even give you some advice about how to take further measures in keeping them out of your yard.

No matter what your wild animal emergency is, we are here to help! Our professional wildlife removal experts show up on time, examine the situation and walk you through the process step by step. Every wildlife removal instance is different, but in every case, we create a solution that is both accommodating to your needs while maintaining a humane and ethical animal removal company. All animals we catch are released safely into the wild, many miles away from civilization, never to return. Call us today to get started with a fast, friendly consultation!

Chimney and Wildlife Specialists are pros at animal and wildlife removal in the Dallas, TX area. With over ten years of experience, we know all the hiding spots and common places and ways for a wild animal to enter your home and attic.  A chimney cap to keep out unwanted animals is one item we can install in one visit. We offer professional rodent control service in Dallas and can completely inspect your home to find places that the animals can get in. Additionally, we can seal up any entry points so animals do not return.

If you suspect you have a wildlife problem in your home or attic and need removal, please call us today for a fast, free, no hassle consultation from our owner. We offer same day service anywhere in DFW. The longer an animal control issue persists, the more damaging and dangerous it can become. That’s why it’s best to handle the problem as soon as possible. We pride ourselves in not only removing animals such as raccoons, possums, squirrels, skunks and rats in a humane, ethical way, but also making sure they cannot return to your home. This keeps your costs down and lets you get on with your life after one thorough visit.

We are a cruelty-free company! This means that we take ethical care of any wild animals we remove from your property. We take captured animals far outside residential areas in Dallas, TX and DFW and release them back into the wild to go on their way.

Serving all of Dallas, TX including Georgetown TX, Round rock, Kyle, Leander, Red Rock, Cedar Creek, Taylor and more!