raccoon removalRaccoon removal in TX – in some cases same-day animal control is available.

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Serving all of  of Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding area! Though rarely seen during the day, compared to squirrels and birds, raccoons are a constant nuisance for Texas area homeowners and one of the smartest animals when it comes to sneaking into your chimney, walls or attic unannounced.

 Wild animals like raccoons spread filth and disease – don’t let the problem become worse!  If you suspect you have a family of raccoons in your attic, or just hear strange moving noises around your home, call us today for a free quote and emergency services!  We can quickly diagnose the problem and provide permanent relief from raccoons, opossums and more.

 Are you dealing with that skunk smell in, or around your house?

 As you may realize, skunks like to burrow, and make tunnels. Many times this results in skunks making there way underneath your home, shed, and/or deck. If you have that skunk smell that we all despise so much, we can give you the possible solutions needed to catch the skunk, and remove it from your home. As much as everyone would hate being sprayed by a skunk, someone has to be the one to trap it so that your home doesn’t smell like the home of pepe le pew.

 wildlife removal dallas txHow do animals enter a firebox?

 The seams are what hold the corners of your fire box as one. The dangers of any seam separations is that creosote may enter and grow over time. Once the creosote enflames inside any seam separation can spread quickly into the woodwork of your walls. Repairing the seams can be as easy as re-pointing them (filling them with high temperature fire clay). This often allows for openings that animals can enter.