Wildlife-Removal-Houston-TX-1024x619Possum nuisance has become a very common problem in Dallas, Texas. They have invaded many homes and have made shelters there. If you require a professional solution for possum removal in Dallas, Fort Worth or any surrounding area, then Chimney & Wildlife (C&W) Specialist is there to assist you. As one of the well known animal control companies in Dallas, we provide a variety of humane wildlife control services. We specialize in removal of bats, squirrels, possums, rats, armadillos, skunks, raccoons, and many other birds from the exterior, interior, and boundary of office buildings and homes.

Possums might seek shelter in crawl spaces, attics, decks, porches, and tool sheds. They living in and around houses, and also produce irritating nocturnal noise and unwanted waste. It is very common for baby opossums to die in or around homes, and thus, create problems for the residents. They like to live in cool and dark areas, and above or under the ground. This makes attics, basements, and any other area under a home an ideal place for them. They prefer to make a shelter in a place, which is easily reachable, and has favorable environment settings for these wild animals.

possum removalWe are adept at possum removal in TX, and use only advanced, safe, and humane techniques. Our all specialists are certified, insured, and have received comprehensive training to successfully deal with even the hardest wildlife problem. We are not only a BBB accredited company, but have received many awards for our quick, quality, and affordable services.

C&W Specialist is a locally owned and operated company that is skilled in possum removal. We serve throughout Texas including Ft. Worth, Dallas and Amarillo. Our experts will thoroughly inspect your home to discover how the animal had entered you home and will take preventive measures to ensure that no wild animal can invade you dwelling place in future.

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