A great way to insure your fireplace’s safety and efficiency is to have a proper and professionally chimney cap. There a three ways that a cap insures that your chimney operates effectively and safely.

  1. A proper chimney cap prevents debris from accumulating in the chimney which can cause a fire hazard.
  2. In addition to that a proper cap, that covers the entire top of your chimney protects against deterioration caused by water that can erode your chimney, the damper, the and firebox. Most of the time, by the time you realize there is an erosion problem, a great deal of work has to be done to correct the problem.
  3. It keeps unwanted pest such as birds, bats, and raccoons from living in your chimney.


Chimney Cap Flashing : Over metal chimney flashing, cap flashing (sometimes called counter flashing) may also be installed. It consists of sheets of durable metal, installed in he mortar of the chimney and then bent down over the four cutoffs. To prepare the chimney for cap flashing, chisel the mortar from a horizontal joint above the flashing; chisel to a depth of 1.5 inches. To install the cap flashing, it is easiest to use the instant mortar available at hardware store.

Mix the mortar thoroughly, adding only enough water to form a thick paste. Wet the chiseled area well, and trowel the mortar into the chiseled area. Then push the cap flashing into the wet mortar and hold it therefor several minutes while the mortar hardens. Wait a day for the mortar to set before bending the flashing into position.

Flashing for re-roofing : When roofing over asphalt or wood shingles, leave all old shingles in place. Leave chimney flashing in place if you find them still in good condition. If not, make new flashings int he manner described using the old flashing as patterns.